Likert charts

A single page app using Angular v4, ngrx store and D3.js v4 to create visualisations for Likert data. An initial version was built using AngularJS to enable these visualisations to be used in a masters thesis. This reworking of that application was primarily to explore how the ngrx package works.
GitHub - Source code

Healthy Ireland Tracker

An application with a Python/Django back end and an AngularJS and D3.js front end which was built for Healthy Ireland an Irish Department of Health organisation to visualise key health data for public users.

Dingo Tri Club

A web application using the Yeoman Angular Fullstack generator. NodeJS backend and AngularJS/Bootstrap 3 front end. Uses a robust, hierarchical, user based, security model. The website was developed for organising training sessions and providing information about a triathlon club.
GitHub - Source code.